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Suzie is a Holistic Practitioner located in the heart of Adelaide, offering interpersonal one-on-one & relationship counselling services; cultivating safe space for clients to activate and embrace their wisdom.

Suzie utilises an individualised approach, drawing on a range of Counselling & Coaching tools to support the deeply unique journey of each client &/or partnership.

Whether journeying solo or in partnership; You will be held in your highest here.

Cert.Hol.Couns(MBE), Dip.Couns (RI), Grad.Dip.Rel.Couns(RI)

Registered member of:

International Institute of Complimentary Therapists

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Straight From the Source


"Unearth Your Wisdom supported me to really understand how I show up and what stoppers block me. The biggest piece I enjoyed what the physical integration and learning the techniques to release emotion in the body! Something I wasn’t expecting was understanding strokes, both positive and negative and how that desire for love impacts our responses Also in relation to my kids and how they respond to situations/circumstances I’ve noticed how aware I am with my kids and their needs I’ve noticed how I play small in situations for fear of rejection/lack of love

Overall this has been an incredible experience working with you and learning from your wisdom in all these areas, thank you so much!"



"Hey beautiful Suzie!! I just wanted to reach out and say the biggest thank you for such a beautiful card reading on Monday night!! I was instantly calm in your energy and could automatically feel my guides connecting with yours, even though our session was over zoom! As you took me through the journey of both what the cards were giving you and what you were channeling the message started to become clearer and clearer and I have reread the notes I took and they resonate even more so now!! Thank you so much for all the extra information on meditations you sent me through, I can’t wait to use all the resources you have given me!! You are just a divine soul, and I loved your energy! I would recommend you to anyone wanting clarity on their situation and what they need moving forward! Thank you beautiful 🙏🙏❤️❤️"


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"Recently I recommenced my sessions with Suzie and already they’ve had a great impact on me and my psyche. She provides a safe comfortable environment where you do not feel judged and can express yourself freely. She helps you feel validated and understood, even occasionally challenging your thinking to help you understand or see why you may feel or act the way you have/do.
Definitely someone I would highly recommend speaking to and seeing for anyone who is seeking the assistance of someone in her field."



"Suzie has an incredible ability to hold space for others. She listens to understand and guides with curiosity, interest and love. I have been fortunate to have my cards read by Suzie about every 6 months or when I feel I need some extra grounding or guidance. I have always felt incredibly welcomed and have loved the experience of sitting in that magic space with Suzie and then having the reading guide my direction in a positive way. I really recommend having a reading by Suzie 💗"


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